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About Chris & 911 Sound Pros

An individual will enter a career in law enforcement for a variety of reasons:  To serve; to protect; to stand up for those that need a champion; or perhaps they or their family suffered some grave injustice and they are just trying to make the world a better, safer place.  I have spent a total of 19 years in the law enforcement profession because of my deep, abiding care for others. I have truly received the most satisfaction from my career by serving and caring for the needs of others.

As a police officer, we witness the very best and the very worst in humanity.  Integrity, respect, and compassion are some of the core values that the professional law enforcement officer must possess and more importantly, apply to everyday life.  Another important skill learned is how to effectively communicate with all types of individuals. I have always been amazed at how easily a tense situation can be diffused simply by employing the use of good listening skills and addressing people with dignity and respect.

I have been fortunate enough to bring the skillsets acquired as a police officer into my personal passion for music by serving as a professional emcee, or as some prefer to call us, a DJ.  Music can bring to light all types of emotions. The feeling I get when I see a couple dancing for the first time, hearing the words of their special song, seeing the emotion pour out of others, simply makes my soul happy.  After much internal deliberation, I decided to pursue my passion for music and continue to serve others and so, 911 Sound Pros was born.

Not all DJs are created equally.  Many of us have attended events that were derailed because of the lackluster performance of the DJ.  Conversely, a professional emcee who understands and can “read” their audiences, uses quality sound reinforcement and lighting equipment and, has the sole interests of the client as their top priority, can take any event and turn it into something special…and that is the 911 Sound Pros difference.

The logo has a shield, the star of life, and a flame representing first responders.  Those images are also the wedding experience names. With respect to those who serve in that capacity, I offer a discount to all current and former military and first responders.  Just ask for details.

Lastly, I believe in giving back.  I enjoy volunteering at my church and local youth sports organizations, providing music, sound support, and pro bono emcee services for their events.  I believe in serving my community with gratitude. I have also teamed up with the local Best Buddies Organization volunteering my DJ services. Best Buddies is the largest organization dedicated to ending the social, physical and economic isolation of the 200 million people impacted by intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).

Thank you for the privilege of serving you!

Chris Stroup

Owner 911 Sound Pros, LLC